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Premium Vehicle Storage Ottawa (Lessor)


You (Lessee)



The Lessor hereby leases to the Lessee storage parking in space(s), to be determined by Lessor, and situated in the Lessor’s storage premises located at 124 Fourth Avenue in Arnprior, Ontario.

For the summer season, this lease shall have a term of five (5) months, beginning on May 1st and ending at the close of business on September 30th.

For the winter season, this lease shall have a term of seven (7) months, beginning on October 1st and ending at the close of business on April 30th.

For annual storage, this lease shall have a term of twelve (12) months. 

The Lease shall be automatically renewed on a month to month basis if the Lessee occupies the storage parking space(s) after the term has ended unless, ten (10) days before the end of the term, either party has delivered the other with a written notice that the Lease will come to an end without renewal. Subject to section 5, the renewed Lease shall contain the same terms and conditions as provided for herein, save and except for the month to month term.

The Lessee agrees to pay, in advance, the monthly rent (plus applicable taxes) noted in the website form. If the Lessee vacates the storage parking space(s) before the term has expired, the Lessee shall not receive reimbursement of rent. The Lessee agrees to pay to the Lessor a service fee of $100 + HST in the event that the vehicle’s battery fails and requires a boost and/or charge, if the Lessee did not subscribe to the trickle charge service.

The Lessor may, upon renewal of this Lease, or in the case of a month to month term, on April 30th of each year, increase the rent by delivering to the Lessee, no less than 30 days advance written notice of the new rent.
The Lessee recognizes that time is very important with respect to payment of the rent as set out in this Lease. Therefore, in each and every case where the Lessee fails to pay the rent by its due date, the Lessee shall pay the following additional amounts, as liquidated damages:

Number of Days Late

Up to & including 5
Up to & including 10
Up to & including 30
In excess of 30 days

Fee Amount (Before Taxes)

$25.00 for each additional month or part thereof

Once payment has been made, the Lessee shall forthwith have access to the Lessee’s stored property.

The Lessee hereby acknowledges having inspected the storage premises and the building in which the storage premises are located and finding them satisfactory for storage purposes. Further, the Lessee agrees not to modify or in any way alter the storage premises or the building in which the storage premises are located, without the written authorization of the Lessor. The Lessee shall be responsible for the cost of rectifying any unauthorized modification or alteration.
The Lessee undertakes not to use the storage premises in any way that may give rise to cancellation of the insurance of the Lessor and/or its other Lessees or in any way cause an increase in the insurance premiums to be paid by the Lessor and/or its other Lessees. The Lessor will provide all reasonable security measures for the storage premises but the Lessee recognizes that the Lessor has no obligation to insure the property stored by the Lessee and that it is the Lessee’s obligation to do so. The Lessee agrees to be responsible for obtaining the necessary insurance to fully cover the value of the stored property together with damages caused by fire, theft, vandalism, breaking and entering as well as other risks a prudent owner of such stored property would normally insure against. The Lessee shall also maintain general liability insurance in an amount of no less than $ 1,000,000.00 that provides, in case of damages caused by the Lessee, or those for whom the Lessee is legally responsible, indemnification to third parties, including the Lessor.
The Lessor shall provide adequate lighting and heating for the storage premises and shall assume all related costs. The Lessor shall also provide video surveillance and perimeter alarming for the storage premises and shall assume all related costs to ensure a secure storage area. The placement and retrieval of all stored property shall be monitored by the Lessor. The Lessor shall also grant to the Lessee, provided rent and other payments are up to date, access to the storage premises through the making of an appointment with the Lessor’s personnel.

The Lessee shall:

a) Use the storage parking space(s) for vehicle and property storage only and not for any illegal purpose.

b) Not store any objects that are dangerous, inflammable or contain explosive substances, perishable items or food, animals, dead or alive, articles or materials emanating smells or requiring storage that is regulated by municipal and/or governmental laws or any other regulations.

c) Not use the electricity in the storage premises other than for lighting during visits. The Lessee shall be responsible for any breach of this obligation and accordingly agrees to pay the costs of any and all additional electrical expense the Lessor may incur.

d) Not to sublet the storage parking space(s) or permit someone else to store other vehicles or property without the previous written consent of the Lessor.

e) Lock any vehicles stored at the storage premises.

f) Provide the Lessor with a key for any vehicles stored at the storage premises.

g) Provide the Lessor with all information required to contact the Lessee, including any change of address.

h) Not do any work, maintenance or repairs of any kind whatsoever, in the storage premises.

The Lessee hereby recognizes that the Lessor is not responsible, in any way whatsoever, for damages that may arise to the stored property, not caused by failure of the storage premises infrastructure. The Lessee agrees to assume responsibility for all obligations and damages resulting from the Lessee’s actions, or the actions of those for whom the Lessee is legally responsible, in the placement, presence or retrieval of the stored property in the storage premises. The Lessee shall assume full responsibility for any legal action that may be taken against the Lessor as a result of damages for which the Lessee is responsible, in accordance with the provisions of this Lease Agreement.
In case of breach or non-performance by the Lessee of any of the obligations set forth herein, the Lessor may, in addition to any other recourse available in law or pursuant to this Lease Agreement:

a) If the default persists for more than thirty (30) days, cancel this Lease Agreement, expel the Lessee from the storage premises and remove the property of the Lessee from the storage premises; and/or

b) Put up for sale property stored in the storage premises, by direct sale on the premises or by auction or any other way at the discretion of the Lessor, with the proceeds of any sale to be used to pay the Lessor any and all amounts due to the Lessor under this Lease Agreement, including Lessor’s expenses and costs related to the sale of the property, in priority to any other creditor of the Lessee.

Waiver by the Lessor of any provision in this Lease Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any other provision or any obligations of the Lessee. The failure of the Lessor to require from the Lessee strict performance of any of the provisions hereof shall not be deemed a waiver of any right or remedy of the Lessor hereunder.
The Lessee may not hold or reduce the payment of rent in compensation for any claim that the Lessee may have against the Lessor.
The laws of the Province of Ontario shall govern this Lease Agreement and all legal proceedings related to it shall be instituted in Ottawa.
Any and all notices given by either party pursuant to this Lease Agreement shall be valid and legally binding if sent by regular mail or email to the addresses set out in the web form.
I hereby authorize and allow PVSO to charge my credit card account for the amount(s) indicated in the checkout due to PVSO for rental of storage space for the Term specified in the online form. I understand that I will be charged a $50.00 fee for each charge that is declined for insufficient funds or other reasons beyond PVSO’s control and that such charge will be added to the transaction amount specified above. If I change the credit card identified above, I will notify PVSO and update my payment information online immediately.

I understand this a legal binding agreement between PVSO and the undersigned.

I have read and agree to all of the terms and conditions on this page and any other contract or document referred to herein or that accompanies this agreement. I certify that I am the authorized account holder for this credit card account and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit card company, so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this form. I understand that PVSO reserves the right to terminate this payment plan and/or my participation therein.

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